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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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nbc bay area peggy bunker is at the sheriff's department. what's the work? >> reporter: the sheriffs have something they want all drivers to know after a local bay area couple did, you head to half moon bay for a pleasure drive down highway 1. it was beautiful. this couple was enjoying the day when around 9:00 last night they thought they were being tailgated so they pulled over. >> i would not pull over. >> reporter: young women responding to the news a couple in their 30s were robbed last night on the side of highway 1 in half moon bay. >> the couple pulled over because they were being tailgated close. as soon as they pulled over, the vehicle pulled in front of them and blocked them in. >> reporter: the victims told police two people wearing full ski masks approached their car to let them over and the other held a knife to the throat of the male passenger. >> because they were masked, we
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can't confirm the sex or race. >> a knife wound was visible on the male victim's neck. police say the robbers were driving a black crown victoria with no license plates, the sheriffs have a warning for everyone. >> don't pull over. make the other driver go around you, make them pass you. >> reporter: other drivers we talked to say they know not to stop. >> i don't even pull over for cops half the time, i call the police station and ask if there is a cop behind me. you never know. it's a scary situation. >> reporter: we just learned about an hour ago there was another robbery in half moon bay this morning about 10:0 0 a.m. in downtown. this time there are surveillance pictures. take a look at the first picture. this is the first image of the white male between 25 and 35 who used a gun to rob the store. here the sheriff's department thinks there was a second suspect, this person who appeared to be on the lookout and then entered the store half way through the robbery when they realized that the panic button had been pressed, the two
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men took off down main street. right now the sheriff's office is asking for anyone who might have seen them get into a car to please report that to them. once again, warning drivers to not pull over for any tailgaters until hopefully the suspects are caught. in redwood city, i'm peggy bunker. >> thank you. peggy. bullets flying from car to car on a busy east bay freeway and a third car is caught in the middle. it happened on i-80. that's where the chp says people from two cars opened fire at each other. this is the seventh freeway shooting in the east bay since november and the sixth on i-80 alone. new one person was hit in the torso but he's expected to recover. now during that shootout, a third car that happened to be pulled over on the shoulder because of a flat tire was hit. luckily, no one inside was hurt. but some commuters say they are not trying to avoid the freeway as much as possible. >> i am scared. it scares me that i have to
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think so hard about going to work and coming home and, you know, feeling that i can't feel completely safe because i'm not sure, you know, what's going to happen. >> chp says the shootings are not random octobers of violence and there is little danger to other drivers. let's talk about our weather. a warm summer day here in the middle of winter. let's take you outside. live pictures in downtown san jose and the bay bridge. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> it's wacky for this time of the year after how much rainfall we picked up in december and january. let's go ahead and take a look at how warm it was. in monterrey, 84 degrees today the old record was 81. so we're not just tieing them, we're shattering them in some cases. 79 today in oakland, the old record is 70. san jose 78 and san francisco 75 and san rafael 74.
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the main reason, high pressure offshore helping to dry these offshore winds so you have hot air aloft and dry wind producing the heat. right now the mildest temperatures remain across the south bay tracking 71 in morgan hill. 74 in downtown san jose and 72 in campbell. coming up, something i know you want, a fill up date on el nino and how many weeks we have left before our rain chances may go away with el nino. >> okay. jeff, we'll see you shortly. you can track the warm temperatures right now, specific to your micro climate 24/7. download the free app. >> police in daily city are investigating a shooting involving one of their own and unfolded near a high school. happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. nbc bay area video chopper from the video shows the scene on st. francis boulevard. police responded initially to a call about a man fighting with a woman. when they arrived, witnesses
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told police the men had been carrying a knife. the officers chased the men into a backyard where they shot them. he's expected to survive. jefferson high school was on lockdown for about two hours. undocumented kids railroaded through the new system by a group of bay area attorneys who say the feds are deporting children without even giving them enough time to mount a defense. nbc damian trujillo is live with more on these claims of justice being denied to these kids, damian. >> reporter: that's right. this is a lawsuit filed for civil rights out of san francisco and demands the federal government level the playing field before the courts decide who stays in this country and who gets deported. the images made international news, children arriving in this country, some with a parent, thousands by themselves escaping chaos in their homeland. >> most of these people are seeking asylum because they are
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fleeing difficult situations. >> reporter: now the lawyers committee for a civil rights of san francisco says the u.s. is rushing these cases through the court system without giving the children adequate time to prepare their arguments as to why they can't go back home. so the lawyers filed this claim, which would force the government to release any document defining the policies for dealing with these cases. the lawyers say the government seems to be ruling on these cases arbitrarily with decisions varying from case to case. >> we want equal information as the government has. we want an even playing field. >> reporter: the u.s. attorneys office did not respond to our request for comment. the lawyers committee says they want to know what they are up against when representing these children in court and hope this suit will lead to those answers. >> we're asking the court to force the government to turn the documents over as soon as possible. >> reporter: many times some of the unaccompanied minors cannot afford to hire a lawyer so have to make their case in court
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against government lawyers and this lawyer's committee out of san francisco says eight times out of nine times that child ends up losing the case. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo. let's talk about the super bowl, the game, hype and prostitution and crime. there was a crackdown as we've been reporting on human trafficking. the operation started about three weeks ago. police say they arrested or cited 30 johns and more than 40 victims of human trafficking. among them a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old who are now getting help. most of the victims were from out of the county. well, fans of super bowel 50 aren't done yet and the host committee is talking about another bay area super bowl. the big game considered by many a huge success across the board. 75,000 fans packed levi's stadium to put the bay area in an international spotlight. marianne favro joins us from
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levi's stadium that is quiet now and some are already talking about repeat. >> reporter: they sure are, jessica. in fact, today the president of the super bowl host committee said the event was such a success the bay area is now considering putting in a bid for another super bowl. looks like the 50 sign you see behind me may have to be changed to super bowl 55. denver bronco fans head home, they say it's not just the final score that made super bowel 50 a great event. >> i didn't see an issue on any front. food, line or anything else. so just a great time. the city hosted an excellent event and so i would easily come again. >> reporter: she may get that chance. today the president of the super bowl host committee said the bay area will likely put in a bid to host another super bowl within the next seven years. a strong possibility after impressing the nfl. >> i think we showed the nfl and they were very happy with our performance, this is a region they can host world class events
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like the super bowl and do it again. >> reporter: more than 83,000 people packed into levi's stadium, three-fourths the population of the entire clara, arrests. >> last night right around 20, maybe a little more than 20. we expect the range from intoxication to counter fitting and illegal vendor sales. >> reporter: santa clara mayor jamie mathews says thanks to team work between san francisco and the bay, super bowel 50 gave the bay area a chance to shine. >> i think we should be proud on behalf of our region of just how well we all came together to be able to hold the biggest party in our history. >> reporter: two milestones for super bowel 50. first of all, considered the post technologically advanced super bowl ever but also the most giving raising more than $13 million for bay area nonprofits. reporting live at levi stadium,
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marianne farrow. >> thank you. never know, we could have it back by 2022. the super bowl in the hands of houston. today our local host committee handed the ball off to their counter parts in texas. houston is the home to nasa johnson space center and they acre ceme acre cemented with commander scott kelly on board the international space station. this is the third time that houston, texas will be hosting the super bowl. the most surprising announcement of the day, the mayor of santa cla ra announced he is stepping down immediately. >> it's a time i need to step back and be with my family and quite frankly, to take a breath and see what the next chapters are for me. >> mayor mathews has two more years remaining but his resignation is effective tomorrow morning. he was instrumental in getting the game into the south bay and just profiled in the new york times over the weekend. they are writing he's not a big football fan and actually
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watched the game at home. more than a quarter of a million people crossed the bay bridge every day and tonight, there are reports that concrete on the bridge is crumbling. i'm mark matthews, we'll have the story coming up. it's becoming one of the most popular biking destinations in the bay area. i'm elyce, why the state needs to be doing more to keep cyclist safe. the bay bridge tunnel that runs
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showing signs of crumbling. s ==live== here's a live look at the area from o camera i bridge tunnel that runs through the island is showing signs of crumbling. i want to show you a live look from san francisco a two-foot chunk fell in front of a car causing a blowout. mark matthews is live with more on the problem and really, lucky no one seriously hurt this time. >> reporter: that's right. you know, this tunnel was opened in 1936. it's 80 years old and connects two spans of the bay bridge. and it was on this second deck, the lower deck, the eastbound lanes where a 2.5 chunk of concrete fell into traffic. driving through the 1800-foot tunnel you won't see the damage you can't even pick it out clearly in extreme slow motion, but this still photograph shows it plainly, it's that semi circular dark spot at the top of the wall where the concrete
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chunk popped off. >> it's a major concern. >> reporter: metal engineer says the culprit is water seeping into the tunnel event actually permeating the concrete and rusting the steel reinforcements. >> the thing about this type of damage is that you can't see how deep it is, because you only see super officially. >> reporter: she says the rusting could extend deep into the tunnel. >> if you have a steel beam, the water can wick in to along the steel beam and cause corrosion. >> reporter: a spokesman for caltrans says investigators are looking into it. >> so what we have to find out is a, if it's internal or external basically, was that caused by an internal structural problem or hit by an oversized vehicle or a combination of both? >> we don't want to rule anything out said the spokesman, an answer that left fulton shaking her head. >> this does not impact damage from any vehicle or any other thing impacting it. this is definitel lly
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deterioration. >> reporter: caltrans will not speculate how long it will take to repair the damage because they don't know the extent of the damage. more than a quarter of a million people cross the bridge every day. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. thank you. train service is up and running after major delays. a person was hit along the capital corridor. this happened just before noon in berkeley. the pedestrian tried to beat the train. our nbc chopper was overhead. there could be minor delays on this route between san jose and sacramento. it is one of the most popular biking destinations in the bay area and one of the most dangerous. cyclesests and lake makers are pressing to make mount dediablo samer. it's only a matter of time before someone really, really either dies or gets hurt
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seriously because it's treacherous. >> reporter: that's right. we spoke to one cyclist who nearly died after a car hit him head on. safety advocates want double yellow striping added here and something that already exists at other popular biking destinations like on mount tam in marin county. it sounds simple. >> just talking about putting paint on the ground. >> whoa. >> to stop a dangerous situation. >> we feel there is a fatality in the offering and that's why we all got together. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: a group of bikers are asking the state parks department to paint double yellow striping. >> just remember to share the road with them and when passing. >> reporter: they want it along the 17 miles of winding road way. >> the accident was up a ways. >> reporter: victor says not having the striping to help keep drivers in their lane almost
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cost him his life. >> they come around the corner and seeing the car and not even having time to put my hands on the brakes but i knew it was going to hurt. >> reporter: he was riding his bike when a car hit him head on. >> i flipped over the back of the car. >> reporter: when did you first start asking for the safety changes? >> we became aware of the problem. >> reporter: they were supposed to complete a design study. it's critical because work can't begin until that study is complete. >> they have given us a timeline. >> reporter: do you think there is too much bureaucracbureaucra? >> we believe when we found out about the issues, we were very thoughtful about the process. >> reporter: gloria from the state parks department says public comments on the study have slowed things down. >> we definitely have to put something in place right away because we do not want any more accidents to take place. >> reporter: if they were here five and a half months ago, i
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probably wouldn't have been in the accident. >> reporter: until the state takes action, everyone is at risk on the mountain. >> somebody is going to die if you don't do something, somebody will die. somebody, there will be a fatality. >> reporter: and the state says despite the lag, they say they they are on schedule to put the double striping here as planned sometime next summer. we'll keep you updated. reporting live, elyce kirchner. >> shall we bring in jeff? >> let's do that. >> i went to the car wash today, 20-minute line. >> i think you'll be good for the next seven-days or so on the car wash, raj. everyone else, as well. we've been updating the record-setting highs and a new list for you. kent field at 74 degrees. san rafael 74 and napa close to 80 and san francisco 75 and sfo
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airport at 73. the main reason why is this area just offshore. check it out. any rain prospects are 1500 to 2,000 miles out and with these storm systems, they are moving directly off to the north well into canada and also for alaska missing us. nothing we can do about it but we're going to get great weather in between as we go ahead and get a look. you can see for tomorrow's forecast, 79 in the south bay and sunny skies, tri-valley at 76, san francisco up to 83 and throughout the north bay we expect 74 degrees. but what about beyond this? we have extended forecast. i want to go ahead and give you now and you can see for san francisco, we'll get back closer to average by friday and also saturday's forecast with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. as we take you here across san jose, average high is 63. tomorrow we'll have 76 and it looks like we'll get back to the 60s by friday and also saturday. what about the interior valleys, livermore a great place to look
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out. 76 tomorrow. wednesday 72. and then some cooler weather arrives thursday, friday, and saturday but there is no rain prospects for san jose, livermore or really for san francisco at this point. so coming up, we'll take a closer look at el nino and how many weeks we have left to get any kind of potential storms in about 20 minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. coming up also, did you watch not just the game but yes, all the commercials? we'll show you which ones scored with the viewers. see if you agree. >> plus, time ticking down in new hampshire. bay area political analysts breaks down who has the best chance at taking it. ght now on across ==reveal== alicia keysand
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beyonce's dancers - callingor "justice for mario woods." happening now, alisha keys and beyonce say's dancers calling for justice for mario wood. peyton manning in disneyland and more pictures from the field during yesterday's big game. the next digital update is next hour. the clock is ticking toward the
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new hampshire primary. tonight, despite the snow storm, republican and dmo here we go, the clock is ticking. this evening despite a snowstorm, republicans and democrats are trying to sway voters. many campaigns are getting around the bad weather by ordering rides to get their supporters to the polls.
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well, after tomorrow two states will have voted but will we know any more about the party nominees in this what some call wacky election season? political analyst larry is here and wacky is the right word for this. what can we even expect? >> it's the best word you can ask for now, wacky and confusion and here is why. three factors, jessica, that really make tomorrow's primary election in new hampshire just almost impossible to predict. number one, same day registration. you know in california we require registration 15 days before the election. that way you know something great is coming. new hampshire allows registration when you vote. that means we have no idea what the electret will look like. second, cross over potential. regardless, he or she can request a ballot for another party. this, too, by the way at the moment of the vote. and third, the huge number of independents or at least 40%
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fall in this category. independents tend to be the least rooted politically. the movements could be a game changer in and of itself. >> these factors are always in place in new hampshire. it's pretty standard when you have the election but this year it seems to be that this race is just dragging on and on. you'd be farther along at this point, normally. >> you got it. look, both political parties have competitive races that few expect it to go this long. that's the first thing. for the democrats, bernie sanders has demonstrated an ability to, well, compete with hillary clinton. he's three points, by the way, behind in a national poll. right there. so of course, new hampshire is next door to sanders' home state of vermont. for the republicans, eight candidates, eight jessica, this is incredible number remain in the race to this point. donald trump of course is considered the front runner but five candidates could easily come in second and that nice ticket to the next primary in
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south carolina and new hampshire awardsly. they could claim victory depending how they perform compared to expectations. >> what will you watch for? >> i like watching indepersonnd voters. that is a sigh of relief for hillary clinton. if they see the democratic race as important, republicans like rubio, kasich, bush, christie, these guys may close the gap because trump has done well with independen independents. it's going to be helpful here to sanders and independents and look at the things you want to see which way the independents go. bottom line, we have to remember this, the nomination process is just that. it's a process. tomorrow will be another step in what is turning in to be a long, long process. >> yes, that indeed.
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all eyes on new hampshire. thank you, larry. this is broken glass. >> yes. >> and you've never had your window broken. >> no, ever. >> the bizarre coverup in an auto repair shop and coming up, our investigation into why thousands of consumer complaints against auto repair shots are being kept secret. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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way to research which repair shops have been accused of right now, if you're having car trouble, there is a way to research which repairs shops are accused of cheating consumers. >> createed to keep repair shops accountable. the question is why are those complaints being kept secret. investigator river reporter bigad shaban is looking into that. >> it encourages drivers to check out the website. we discovered their database isn't the best road map for drivers. you'll see that in a bizarre tale in live touchup point. albert and michelle say their problems began when their suv wouldn't start. >> this is the estimate. >> reporter: so they had it towed to this shop in san jose off monterrey highway. when they picked up their car, michelle immediately noticed something was wrong. >> squeaking noises, a lot of
6:32 pm
when you turn the wheel, cracking noises and stuff. we called and they said nothing had happened, which i knew something happened but they weren't saying what had happened. >> you thought all your problems were because you needed new tires. >> reporter: correct. >> albert went to another shop to replace all four tires for about $300. did that fix the problem? >> no. >> reporter: that same day they got a call from a former employee at the shop. >> he tells me the car fell off the lift. at this point i was like, no. the mechanic even had pictures. that eight-passenger suv crashed on to its side from several feet in the air. the mechanical lift pierced the bottom of the car and front passenger window shattered. adam was the employee. he didn't want to talk to us an camera but says he and his co-workers were ordered by the district manager to fix the car as best they could without telling the owners of the suv.
6:33 pm
how would you describe the work they did? >> sloppy. >> reporter: plus the paint bubbled up and the right window was replaced, pieces of the old one were left inside the car door. >> this was broken glass? >> yes. >> reporter: you never had your window broken? >> no, never. >> reporter: michelle thought back to when she called the repair shop just a few days before to say she would be stopping by to pick up medicine she forgot in the suv. when she arrived, all lights in the garage were off. a mechanic met her inside. >> i go in there and he tells me, you wouldn't believe it. he said we have no electricity. the power went out. >> reporter: did they really lose electricity that day? >> no. >> reporter: they shut off the lights so you wouldn't see the broken window. >> right. >> reporter: midas told us specific questions would need to be answered by the actual repair shop since it's indedentally owned and operated.
6:34 pm
the shop owner's son wouldn't talk on camera but said the lift malfunctioned and in a memo admitted there was a coverup from the shop that took place. but he denied any involvement and blamed it all on his employees. >> did you believe that? >> no. >> reporter: other repair shops assessed the damage at $11,000. michelle and robert filed a complaint with the burro after automotive repairs. a state agency created to protect consumers and hold repair shops accountable but a burro investigator called them to say there was little he could do. >> just making me feel they aren't doing their job. >> reporter: we review the state data for the past three years and discovered that for about 97% of auto repair complaints, repair shops never receive any kind of discipline or enforcement action. that's more than 10,000 cases each year. so for 10,000 cases you couldn't find anything? >> a lot of them are mediated and taken care of with
6:35 pm
educational conferences with the shop. >> reporter: burro chief says current law allows the burro to issue citations or fines to unlicensed shots or those who violate the smog program. when it comes to bad repairs or fraud billing, investigators can only recommend cases go to court which rarely happens because it require as chain of similar complaints. what happens to that consumer. >> sometimes we work, at justmejus adjustments through the bill. >> reporter: consumers get about $5 million a year in voluntarily repairs and refunds but because no citation is given, consumer complaints are made public even when they believe repair shops are taken advantage of. >> the potential harm is you're going to end up at a shop that puts you in an unsafe car. >> reporter: rose mary has been an auto industry watchdog for
6:36 pm
nearly 40 years and sparked nationwide changes in auto safety. she says reform is over due in california. would you describe the state's enforcement process as transparent? >> no, it's not. it isn't transparent. >> reporter: in recent years the burro removed consumer complaints from the website and our request to see the complaints was denied. isn't that information consumers should know about. >> if we posted information when we felt they violated the law and they didn't get a chance to defend themselves, we would be in trouble as a government agency. >> reporter: is that an instance of your office siding with the auto repair industry over consumers? >> i wouldn't say we're siding with anyone. >> reporter: albert believes that's the problem since the state's consumered ed ed ed ee should be siding with consumers. >> you're from the burro, right? >> reporter: a new investigator called him and issued this inspection report. which recommended the shop improve record-keeping and communication with customers but
6:37 pm
no actual citations were fines were issued. so when consumers searched the state's online database of more than 36,000 auto repair shops, that midas doesn't have a single violation. >> they will do it to the next person and to the next person. until someone says hey, it has to stop. >> reporter: the burro of automotive repair can refer cases to california's attorney general or local district attorneys for potential legal action but remember, fewer than 3% of complaints ever get referred. meanwhile, management at that midas paid for the family to have a rental car for nearly a month and offered them $6700 for the damaged car but the family's insurance company determined the car was worth about $1,000 more dollars and paid the claim after declaring that suv a total loss. the family is considering suing that midas shop. >> funny they would think turning off the lights, no one would notice when they got home.
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>> i think that was the hope. >> call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. >> the biggest moments from the super bowl and they didn't involve football. i'm scott budman, what we tvoed and tweeted the most on sunday, just ahead. nats of bell. runs=:03
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===jess/cont vo=== this is the way it looked.. and sounded in beijing china today.. as the city greeted the lunar neyea and that waccompaniy fireworks show across the skies of the country. that's the sound, a city greeted the lunar new year and accompanied by the skies of the country and festive celebration, one of the largest outside of china. 2016 is the year of the a monkey and according to the chinese zodiac, that means if you're
6:41 pm
superstitious, listen up. masters predict 2016 to be terrible for the global economy. many companies are going bankrupt and warning people to put off any important financial decisions. anyone looking for love or wanting to expand their families, this is the year to do it. so drastic measures today as chipotle tries to win back customers. the chain shut the doors for much of the day to train employees on the best way to handle food. chipotle said national team meeting. it happened at every chipotle restaurant in the country revealing tomatoes are likely to blame for the salmonella cases and employees coming to work sick were likely behind the virus. today's meeting was a way to win back customers' trust. north korea keeping an eye on the super bowl. one of the satellites passed over the silicon valley and stadium.
6:42 pm
norad is saying it passed over the stadium about an hour after the super bowl ended. norad tells "time magazine" it was likely a coincidence it was hours after a long-range rocket it claims was carrying another satellite. the u.n. condemned that launch and considering new sanctions against the country. there is wide-spread concern that north korea is developing and testing long-range nuclear weapons. everyone buzzing about beyonce's halftime show but what about where she stayed? would you believe air b and b. she posted this picture saying it was a super weekend, hashtag air b and b, her home of choice a mansion in lose altos hills on the peninsula. tmz saying beyonce rented this 12-acre estate, five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and an infinity pool and gorgeous views, everything you could imagine. here is the bottom line, how much did she pay a night?
6:43 pm
it's written right there on the prompter. >> we see it. >> $10,000 a night for beyonce in lose altos hills. >> do you think jay-z tries to find it or they have people? >> i think they have people. >> i think they have people, right? >> it looks a little too big for me, just saying. >> a little more down scale. >> yeah. >> looks like a waste of space. [ laughter ] >> they got great weather. >> yes, they did. let's go ahead and get a live look outside. you can see clear skies from emeryville towards san francisco. this break is nice but what about any rainfall prospects and el nino? i'll have a fill up date in just a couple minutes. and the rockets' red glare, the
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bombs rsting in air, ve oof thro' the nht oc: th' ==raj/conto== put gaga's r spangled banner ♪ and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ >> i had chills, pretty awesome. lady gaga "star spangled
6:46 pm
banner." it's on itunes. that's what her fans want. pretty incredible performance. she said she was excited about singing and felt the energy of the fans, however, her rendition of the national anthem is not available on itunes, at least not yet. >> you loved the lady gaga when you met her. >> i did. i didn't know much about her. and then all of a sudden -- >> now you're a convert. >> i have been converted. [ laughter ] >> yesterday was all about the game:the super bowl game. today it's about those ads. lots of people talking about what they saw during that halftime show. >> so what scored big? let's bring in scott budman. you do this every season. tell us what we watched and tvoed. >> it's fun. most of us watched the super bowl on our television shuts but we responded through other devices using dvr and social media to let everyone else know what we thought. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it was the most
6:47 pm
tvoed moment of the super bowl, a verb here and yes, we rewatched a lot of beyonce. >> he's eating dorits on my ultrasound. >> the most rewatched commercial of the night. >> madison avenue really let us down. >> reporter: tvo says the ads weren't that great this year tending to make us squirm and tweet. >> more than ever that you do see people watching the game with a device. >> ball comes out of the hands of newton. it's on the ground and still on the ground. >> reporter: as giant as the super bowl is, we viewers are all about the second screen. >> they need to connect with an audience on a mobile device, via online platform, social media, and they need to create a spot that can connect with consumers beyond that 30-second spot. >> yeah, we tweeted a lot about the ads and the super bowl.
6:48 pm
twitter says the most tweeted moment of the day came at the end of the halftime show when everyone was there, the most tweeted about player was of course, cam newton. >> cam newton. [ laughter ] >> back to you guys. >> i find the baby monkey one disturbing. >> they were all pretty odd. let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> some of my super bowl weather-related tweets, some of the top retweeted moments of the past couple weeks for me. people were definitely paying attention and weather on the top of their minds, at least the way i saw it. get a look at the record highs, warm, mild, kent field 74 and napa 78 and san francisco 75 at the airport also coming in with 73. a few more locations, oakland 79 and san jose 78, santa cruz one of the warmest at 85 degrees. we have more of this heat coming our way. you can get a preview in the schooling seven-day forecast but i want to take you now into the
6:49 pm
morning. we'll start off clear and 45. san francisco 52. east bay at 47 and the south bay at 49. so if you're leaving here, you're staying an extra day from the super bowl, you shouldn't have any problems with any flights as we head through tomorrow morning, at least leaving from the bay area. that's good news for you. when it comes to the dry weather, pressure sitting in california and ridging to canada steering storm activity into alaska. there is no hope right now of getting any rainfall at least over the next seven days. substantial rainfall. the other component we're dealing with is the fact the winds have been very dry and offshore coming out of the east and as we head through tomorrow's forecast, we'll gradually see that change. what we'll find is a little bit more of an an shore wind coming in. i don't think it will dramatically cool temperatures but i think in a few spots it will be down a degree or two as san francisco sees less wind at six miles per hour. also winds out of the west at six and more of a northwest wind at 11 in redwood city.
6:50 pm
let's look at the micro climate forecast. enjoyable. san jose at 76 degrees and sunny skies close to 80 in morgan hill. that should be good for another record. across the coastline, pacificia at 70. nice beach wet weather coming our way. palo alto 76 and sunny. san francisco the marina, the golden gate bridge, 70 degrees. over towards the financial district, 72. north bay, east bay and tri-valley it continues. not a cloud expected in the sky. napa at 73 and santa rosa at 74. over to oakland. 76 and back towards fremont, 75 and for the tri-valley warmest temperatures come in across pleasanton and 78. great weather for the super bowl this past weekend. i really want some rainfall in here and unfortunately, the way the pattern is shaping up, we don't have any large chances. maybe some spotty showers on friday in the north bay then late february into march above average rain chances return. so with high pressure sitting
6:51 pm
across the west, largest number one question we keep getting asked is what is happening with el nino. let's go ahead and give you what we know right now. that's the simple fact we have at least 12 weeks or ten weeks, rather, left of potential storm systems. late, late february into march would be the best chance to get any kind of increased rain and we've been saying this all along, even though the strength is rivaling 97, 98 el anyonino, are different. some of the folks calling this a godzilla el nino are looking at this data very closely and maybe reconsidering what they were saying. you guys? >> very good update. thank you. today let's get back to the super bowl, steph curry and war i a -- warriors and cam newton and the criticism newton is facing about the post game news conference. jim kozimor is next.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
oncam it goes without saying - let's bring in jim kozimor. we were there at the game yesterday. steph curry was a fan. he wasn't the super star. he was just a fan yesterday. >> poor guy. >> i know, poor guy but i think he liked it that way. i think he liked having the kid feel about being a fan, although a tough end to the day for cam. guys, it goes without saying, productivity at the workplace tends to dip a bit. mind you, not here at the complex, okay, but for others. but not worriers guard steph curry. back at work just like the rest of us, after pounding the drum prior to the kick off at super bowel 50, how cool was that? steph watched the panthers fall to the broncos. cam newton sacked seven times
6:55 pm
and visibly upset at his press game conference walking off before they finished questions. curry discussed that. >> losing a game of that magnitude, especially the quarterback position with a lot of responsibility falling on your plate has got to be a tough feeling for sure. anybody that can probably say you can handle the situation better but having not been in his shoes, i can't really tell you how i would respond in that moment. i would try to do my best, but i'm sure he would probably say the same thing going into it and not expecting to lose. it's tough. >> not in his shoes because steph won in his championship. suffered a considerably blow. under went surgery to clean out debris from his left knee. he'll be out six weeks. at that point, knee gets reevaluated. hopefully for the warriors sake, he doesn't miss more than that.
6:56 pm
seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch decided to call it quits in the nine-year career and 74 touchdowns and finally, happy birthday klay thompson, you're 26 years old, possibly score 26 against james harden and the rockets tomorrow. that will do it. >> when does code get into beast mode like marshawn lynch? >> every night. >> doesn't he? >> i just get into a cranky mode. >> angry. [ laughter ] >> thanks. >> surely. hey. >> you want to wrap us up? >> yeah, we definitely can. >> the morning forecast. it's going to be cool in the morning a little bit and then it's going to get warm again during the afternoon. pretty nice. >> it is. >> how warm is it going to get? oh, yeah. >> at the s inland. >> jeff will be doing weather at 11:00. [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
beyonce, gaga, and coldplay moments after their super bowl show stoppers. >> we've got them backstage for their very first interviews, now on "extra." >> queen b's halftime takeover. >> how exciting was today? >> coming straight off the field to a.j., her homage to michael jackson. little blue ivy getting a kiss from gwyneth. and the million-dollar question. >> you've got me stumped. i'm not really sure. >> a.j. and i are on the field with all the moments you didn't see. >> this is the super bowl, "extra" style. >> jay-z, chris martin, gaga, and her mom. >> i can't even say anything. >> mom, you ran away!


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